Merwel is set up to provide whatever level of Managed Services support you require. Through our managed services offerings, we can manage your systems end-to-end or provide support only for certain aspects of your deployment, such as post production, process monitoring, and data lifecycle management. Our objective is to keep you running at optimal levels.

  • Choose the level of service that’s right for your business
  • Get world-class technical expertise and security
  • Optimize system performance with on-going monitoring
  • Lower your IT costs and reduce the burden on IT staff

Infrastructure Management

Relying on managed services allows you to turn over responsibility for system reliability to the experts at Merwel, who will run your IT infrastructure and develop your technical environment following strict key performance indicators. We offer turnkey, full-service infrastructure managed services solution that include the best certified experts in their field, tested an proven ITIL best practices and world-class technology.

Our Infrastructure Management services addresses the typical IT concerns confronting companies and provides a strategically sound solution to help you focus on your core business. Some of the benefits for letting us manage your IT infrastructure include:

  • Reduce your risk
  • Reduce complexity of your IT operations
  • Access the latest technology
  • Manage IT infrastructure cost
  • Focus on your core busines



Network Management

In today’s market economy, businesses depend on increasingly complex networking technology to support internal processes and external relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners. Many businesses have come to realize that keeping on top of a sophisticated network infrastructure can tax resources that could be better devoted to core business competencies.

Merwel has been the top choice for many companies that are choosing to out-task some or all of their network functions. Our clients are finding that out-tasking is helping achieve significant revenue benefits, increase flexibility and agility, and provide access to skills that a business might not have in-house—such as networking, security, or communications—with the added assurance that our team skills is always up-to-date and scalable.

As traditional networks converge with mobility, IoT, analytics and cloud-based data and application services, it is creating huge IT challenges, placing significant demands on IT. So why try to do it on your own? Keep your organization focus on driving business outcomes and choose Merwel's enterprise networking experts to keep an eye on your network.

Database Management

In today's world, database and application infrastructure are critical components of enterprise IT. Against this backdrop, enterprises face continuing challenges in managing increasingly complex and growing data portfolios while meeting business expectations for peak performance and accessibility.

Merwel is a pioneer in the database services space. our team of database administrators is proficient in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, MongoDB and hosted database technologies. We leverage Lean Six Sigma and other IT optimization methods to deliver world class database administration services. Our team of professionals has deep technical and process expertise that allows them to help improve your current database management operations and bring down your total cost of ownership (TCO). Our highly-talented pool of DBA's have architected, configured, and managed complex ERP integrations, rollouts, database migrations, and upgrades for some of the largest companies in the world.