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Merwel Inc.

About Us

Merwel Inc. is a global technology, consulting and education provider company founded in 1998 and based in Arizona, United States of America with subsidiaries in Chad and Jordan.  

Our Consulting practice is dedicated in helping our clients do business in Africa. Our Africa expertise and breadth of experience across a wide variety of industries gives us unique perspectives and insights on the trends and competitive forces that are driving business growth in Sub-Saharan Africa. We use these valuable insights to help our clients enter the Sub-Saharan African market, improve existing products and develop new products that capitalize on emerging opportunities and enhance their strategic value. 

As Business and government organizations address 21st century challenges, they are meeting many business and mission-critical objectives through advanced technology. Our technology practice is committed to working with our business and government clients on their most challenging technology issues. We drive innovation like infrastructure consolidation and modernization, cross-domain information sharing, cloud computing, Web 2.0 and a constant flood of new applications and IT services. Applying advances like these across an IT enterprise helps businesses and government organizations achieve new levels of productivity and mission effectiveness.

Merwel Education, a business unit of Merwel Inc. is a leader in the design, development and delivery of professional development programs and vocational training worldwide producing measurable results. With its deep understanding of local conditions and global issues, Merwel Education is well positioned to design, develop and deliver skill and vocational training programs for the development of a highly skilled and relevant workforce that supports economic sustainability and competitiveness.